*All Rates are subject to change without notice
*School Year Rates

Yearly charge of $35.00 per child
Billed to account each August.

Infants (6 weeks-15 months) $155.00/week
Wobblers (15 months-18 months) $155.00/week
Toddlers $155.00/week
Two’s $150.00/week
3-4-5 years $135.00/week

1st—6th grade
Before school $35.00/week
After school $43.00/week
Before/after school $47.00/week
P/T-25 hour Contract $90.00/week

School Transportation Fees
$10.00 /wk one way $20.00 wk both ways
*Daycare children attending Preschool
T/TH $125.00 M/W/F $120.00
Other Options
New family registration $35.00
Deposit for Infant room $310.00
Deposit for toddler room $310.00
Deposit for 2’s $300.00
Deposit for 3 4 5yr old $270.00
*We do require a two week deposit for all ages
All deposits are non-refundable
2014 Summer Rates– subject to change
Kdg-6th grade $105.00/week
****Late charge $5.00 (every 5 minutes after 6 p.m.)

Child to Teacher Ratios:

Tod / Wob-  1:4





Kdg-Big Kids 1:15