Yearly charge of $35.00 per child billed to account 1st week of September or a new family start.

Children Infant to Age 5

Infants (6 weeks-12 months) $169.00/week

Wobblers (12 months-2yrs) $169.00/week

Toddlers (2yrs) $164.00/week

3-4-5 years $148.00/week

3-4-5 years $138.00/week with Preschool/PreK

Big Kids (1st - 6th Grade)

Full Time: $121/Week

Part Time (25 Hours or Less): $101.00/week

Before School: $46.00/week

After School: $51.00/week

Before/After school: $58.00/week

Transportation Fee: $15/week

Preschool & PreK Rates

Rates vary by child, please contact us at 402-721-1076

Preschool: 4 days per week morning & afternoon classes

PreK: 5 days per week morning & afternoon classes

For questions, contact Patrice at patrice.vakiner@trinityfremont.org.