Registration is currently going on for Pre- Kindergarten. Please call or stop down at Trinity Lutheran Early Childhood Center, LLC to fill out a registration form.

Our Pre-kindergarten program prepares your preschooler for their next academic level. The curriculum builds upon the socialization skills that the children master in the preschool classroom. This class incorporates a structured environment that teaches children the skills needed for kindergarten: problem solving, self direction, and self regulation are just some of the concepts that children master in this class.

In our Pre-kindergarten program we have the children learn the basic academic skills that they will need  for success in the kindergarten classroom. Writing their name, learning letter sounds and phonics, proficiency with scissors, as well as following teacher direction are all important concepts that the children can master here.

Mrs. Cheryl Weinrich leads the Pre-Kindergarten class held on:

AM Classes:  8:00 to 11:00

PM Classes:  12:10 to 3:10


Students should be "Older 4 Year Olds" and "Younger 5 Year Olds"

Must be age 4 before July 31st and self sufficient in the bathroom!


Please call number below for current rates. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Trinity Lutheran Early Childhood Center, LLC- 250 N. C St. Fremont, Ne. 68025