5’s – Big Kids!

Daily Schedule

6am-8am– Media Room
8am-8:45– Gym-time
8:45-9am– clean-up and wash for snack
9am-9:30am– Snack
9:30am-10am– Art/Music/ Story Time/ Sight Words
10:00am-11:00am—Free Center Time
11am– 11:45– Open Gym / outside Time
11:45– Wash for Lunch , move to media Room
12:30pm– 1pm– Quiet Time, reading,
1pm-2pm– Outside / Gym Time
2pm-2:45pm– Center Time
2:45–3pm- Move to Media Room
3pm–4pm- School age kids arrive, wash, snack, homework.
4-4:30pm– Provider guided time
4:30pm-5:30pm– Gym / Outside Time